Organization is operating under QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM and monitoring, reviewing and continually improving the same for all operations in the organization which will have the effect of :                  
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International Quality Standards

At the appropriate design and development stages, verification is done to ensure that the outputs have met with the customer requirements and records of these verifications as well as any consequential actions are maintained.

The outputs are documented suitably and it is ensured that they
Project Verification
The project reviews are conducted at appropriate stages. The reviews are aimed to evaluate the ability of product results to meet customer requirements and identify any problems and propose necessary actions. Records of these reviews as well as consequential actions are maintained.
Project Review
At the appropriate stages validation is done to ensure that the resulting product is capable of meeting the requirements for specific Application or intended use.
Wherever practicable, the Validation is completed prior to delivery or implementation of the product. Records of these validation as well as consequential actions are maintained.
Project Validation
Meet input requirements.
Contains or make reference to acceptance criteria.
Identifies the characteristics that are crucial to the safe and proper functioning of the product.
Enhancing the customer satisfaction level
Moving towards the quality policy / organization objectives by deploying quality systems. Product that is unique in our Industry.
Corporate Info