FLEXIMAGE  Technologies is based in Bangalore, the machine tool capital and silicon city of India focusing on providing Software solutions, Engineering Services and Design & Manufacturing solutions to clients who are looking for value added, low cost, high Quality services and technology solutions. Our foundation, culture, values, vision and mission is to provide the quality product to our customer. Our Quality professionals have extensive range of experience, education and training.

They are supported by a group of highly competent computer, financial, administrative and welding engineers. We have built a team of trained and experienced engineers and professionals. Ongoing development in the latest technology for our employees is also our vision. We will be on an endless quest to finding the newest and best talent to add to our team and network of professionals.

FLEXIMAGE Technologies is committed to offer integrated solutions in the most efficient manner, and is operating in accordance to the international standards of business administration, which require a simple and flexible, yet efficient structure. We also have a auditor in our Quality staff. Some of our quality staff has completed advanced technical training, graduate courses and/or hold advanced degrees. These Qualifications, together with a dedication to quality and service, allow us to offer a blend of quality product that is unique in our Industry.
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Organisation Overview 

With that success, and ambition to develop further, comes a parallel ambition to use our skills and resources in other ways to benefit the wider community. FLEXIMAGE Technologies believes businesses such as ours can make valuable contributions to alleviating social inequities and humanitarian crises. We set up FLEXIMAGE Technologies, an initiative that set out to enable FLEXIMAGE Technologies people to make a meaningful and significant contribution to society.
Contribution to the Community 
Throughout its history FLEXIMAGE Technologies has found that careful processing, attention-to-detail, utilization of modern well-maintained equipment and adherence to an effective production control system reduces cost and improves quality. Our employees will choose to be employed by FLEXIMAGE Technologies because of the company's culture and FLEXIMAGE Technologies endless mission to service our employees and clients.

Organizational Structure of the Company approaches the market through its sales department, through account managers, trained to deliver solutions to each market segment. Each account manager specializes in solutions that suit perfectly each customer needs and the industry that operates. Thus the client’s benefit is maximized, in cost and taking advantage of the experience that has been gained through the implementation of the proposed solution in similar businesses.


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