CAD Conversion :
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CAD Solutions

2D drawings (soft copy) to 3D Models.
3D Models to 2D drafting.
Hard copy/scanned drawings to soft copy.
(DWG, IGES etc.)
Modelling :
Punch & die profile creations for complicated components.
Core and cavity extractions. (Plastic moulds)
Creation of complicated casting
Pattern models
Component modeling.
CAD File Translation :
Mechanical Design Solutions :
From Solidworks to IGES
From Solidworks to DXF or DWG
From Solidworks to Parasolid
From Solidworks to STEP
From Solidworks to 2D
From IGES to Solidworks
From DXG/DWG to Solidworks
From Parasolid to Solidworks
From STEP to Solidworks
Mechanical Design
FLEXIMAGE Technologies supports its clients in developing static and dynamic mechanical solutions for low, medium and high volume designs in both metal and plastic enclosures.

The mechanical design team, working together with other-discipline engineering design teams, help to provide solutions for material and process research, detailed component information, bill of materials.

The engineering team validates the solutions by performing various tests and analysis, which include: generation of FE mesh, dynamic analysis, stress analysis, drop test simulation, thermal analysis, design optimization/redesign, fluid flow simulation and mold flow simulation.

Develop more accurate and reliable product designs through the unmatched 2D and 3D capabilities of Solid Works mechanical design solutions.

A complete 3D product design solution, providing your product design team with all the mechanical design, verification, motion simulation, data management, and communication tools that they need in one package.

Progressive Dies
Lamination Dies
Compound Dies
Stage dies
Blank & Pierce dies
Forming Dies
Draw Dies
Re-strike Dies
Trim Dies
Cam Actuated dies
Flange & Wipe Dies
Combination dies
» Designing of moulds for plastic components
Two plate moulds
Three Plate Moulds
Side core Moulds
Split Moulds
Hot runner moulds
Plastic Moulds :
   Designing of pressure of die-casting dies
     All types of tools

Press Tools :

Designing of Press Tools :

» Designing of jigs & fixtures
Drill jigs
Machining Fixtures
Welding Fixtures
Assembly Fixtures
Checking Fixtures
Jigs & Fixtures :
Die Casting :
CAE - Finite Element Analysis :
Plastic Flow Analysis
CFD(Computational Fluid Dynamics)
Thermal Analysis.
Mechanism Analysis and Simulation.
Linear static Analysis.
Non - Linear Static Analysis.
Noise Vibration Analysis
Contact Stress Analysis.
Fatigue / Life cycle Analysis.
Dynamic Explicit - Drop Test Analysis.
Dynamic Implicit Analysis.
Normal Modes / Frequency Response.
Dynamic Analysis.
Crash / Impact /Drop Analysis.
Steady state & Transient Thermal Analysis.
Linear & Non - Linear Buckling Analysis.
Harmonic Analysis.
Sheet Metal Formability Analysis
Corporate Info